Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thoughts on Ichthyosis: A Mother Worries

It has been a year today since I gave birth. I knew the very same day that my newborn had hints of Ichthyosis on his skin. Hubby told me it was too soon to tell. But I knew. When I held my baby he had the softest skin, yet he had too many lines on the soles of his tiny feet and his little fingers had deep lines already.

I wasn't sad, I braced myself for this, but I was worried. I can live with the thought of my son having hyperlinear palms, hyperlinear feet and deep lines on his neck. I am at least hoping he won't have the flaking and the severe shedding that I have. I was hoping that he would take after his father- dark skinned and hairy with no Ichthyosis in sight.

Due to Ichthyosis, I have no hairs on my legs, the hairs are curled up stuck inside the pores which makes my skin look like "prickly chicken skin with dandruff" on most days. I do not wish for my baby, the ridicule I endured because of this skin condition. I do not wish for him, the itchiness, the soreness of the skin on cold months or spending days fully covered, hiding his hands away from the world. I guess any mom with a rare genetic skin condition would wish the best for her child. Well, it has been a year, so far no flakes on my little baby. I hope it stays that way. 

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  1. The best way for Treatment of Ichthyosis is to soak the skin in lukewarm water and then slather your still damp skin with a cream moisturizer. You can add epsom salts or add moisturizers like colloidal oatmeal to your bath; salts and moisturizers help your skin absorb the water and lock in the moisture more successfully.